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IMPORTANT - Please specify the type of boat and boat's length in the quote. 

The LIMPET (Small-Large) designed for safety and comfort in a variety of circumstances, suitable for the recreational fishermen to medium to large recreational fishermen, chartered fishing boats and motor launches.

 Limpet Benefits:

  • Holds the boat steady
  • prevent swamping or capsising in rough weather
  • Safe customised components
  • Backed with regular trials and testing

Specific Uses:

  • Minimising drift
  • Holding on station

Size Range

Seven Limpet models are available.

Limpet Code  Boat Length Up To
L1 4.6m or 15ft
L2 6.1m or 20ft
L3 9.15m or 30ft
L4 12.2m or 40ft
L5 13.7m or 45ft
L6 15.25m or 50ft
L7 18.3m or 60ft