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Coppins Sea Anchors
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IMPORTANT - Please specify the type of boat and boat's length in the quote. 

The SEACLAW has been designed with unique features that ensure it stays in position rather than rising to the surface in heavy weather, providing you with safety, comfort and peace of mind.

Seaclaw Benefits:

  • Stabilises speed
  • Made from tough fabric with a PVC coating
  • Provides more consistent drag
  • Does not jump out of the waves, has a reverse thrust system
  • Built-in float for easy recovery, 
  • 6 to 1 dive ratio (60 metres of rode to 10 metres of depth in water)
  • Designed to hold itself in position in the worst sailable conditions, to date this design feature is unique amongst drogue manufacturers. Other manufacturers products often skim the surface  
  • Simple to deploy and compact to store in its own tote bag

Specific Uses:

  • Stabilises the speed of multi hulls and mono hulls during running or broad reaching
  • Reduces the risk of broaching, nosediving or pitch poling, while greatly improving steering
  • Control and directional stability
  • Steering control in case of rudder damage

Size Range

6 SeaClaw models for boats under 28 metres or 100 ft.

Seaclaw Code Boat Length
SC1 Up to 28ft
SC2 Up to 42ft
SC3 Up to 59ft
SC4 Up to 72ft
SC5 Up to 80ft
SC6 Up to 100ft