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Coppins Sea Anchors
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IMPORTANT - Please specify the type of boat and boat's length in the quote. 

The STORMFIGHTER designed for serious off-shore sailing and recreational boating. It is by far the most compact, complete and fail safe sea anchor deployment system on the market. There is no need to purchase anything else; the kit is ready for quick and easy deployment when your life depends on it.

Stormfighter Benefits:

  • The only self-contained complete sea anchor system on the market
  • Safe and user-friendly
  • Reduces crew fatigue
  • Reduces wear and tear on gear
  • Reduces roll and pitch
  • Lifesaving in storm conditions
  • Creates better resting up overnight
  • Enables you to ride out heavy weather
  • Drift control
  • Holds boat in position if a breakdown occurs
  • Customised components,
  • Comes ready to deploy
  • Proven performance, backed with regular trials and testing

Specific Uses:

  • Life saving / riding out storms
  • Holding on station overnight
  • Significantly reducing drift towards hazards in the case of mechanical breakdown 

Size Range

Full Keel Yachts & Motor Launches

Sea Anchor Code Boat Length
SF1 8m or 26ft
SF2 10m or 33ft
SF3 12m or 40ft
SF4 16m or 52ft
SF5 18m or 59ft
SF6 20m or 66ft
SF7 24m or 79ft 
SF8 26m or 85ft


Shoal Draft and Multihulls

Sea Anchor Code Boat Length
SF1 9.1m or 30ft
SF2 11m or 36ft
SF3 13.7m or 45ft
SF4 16.8m or 55ft
SF5 19.8m or 65ft
SF6 21.3m or 70ft
SF7 23m or 75ft
SF8 24.4m or 80ft


Fin and Modified Keelers

Sea Anchor Code Boat Length
SF1 10m or 33ft
SF2 12m or 40ft
SF3 16m or 52ft
SF4 18m or 59ft
SF5 20m or 66ft
SF6 24m or 79ft
SF7 26m or 85ft
SF8 29m or 95ft