Cruising POD 600

Cruising POD 600

Watt & Sea
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Watt&Sea hydrogenerators are innovative immersed systems, using only the water flow to generate up to 100% of the electrical requirements of a sailboat.

Engineered with optimal output and minimal drag, their efficiency is such that it outclasses wind turbines and solar panels, easily meeting on-board energy requirements thus giving skippers the peace of mind of a greater autonomy.

Watt&Sea Hydrogenerator are light, compact and easy to install. Built with strong material, they are maintenance free.

Watt&Sea Hydrogenerators are available in both Cruising and Carbon Racing versions.
The CRUISING hydro generator is a simplified variation of the RACING version, adapted to the use of cruising and racing sailboats.Even lighter, more manageable, more hydrodynamic and corrosion resistant... Result of our experience, the new generation of Cruisin hydrogenerators and its new features meet the requirements of users, boatbuilders and installers. 

New model POD 600 to be fastened straight under the hull!

Tested since 2014 by a few privileged sailors, this version has been able to demonstrate those useful advantages :

  • invisible
  • no complicated handling up and down
  • easy start-up
  • electrical output is the same compared to classic models