Marine Season at SILVA

Kiwi Yachting have been the distributors of SILVA for over 15 years

The History of SILVA:

1933 - Björn, Alvar and Arvid Kjellström invents the first ever liquid filled compass. 
1935 - Silva introduced their first headlamp Zeiler and the retail price was $1.36 NZD.
1939 - The first mirror sighting, liquid damped baseplate compass was introduced.
1955 - Björn Kjellström published a book on land navigation and the sport of orienteering.
1955 - In the 50’s and 60’s Silva also manufactured trays made of teak.
1960 - Silva introduced their first wrist compass, the Globe Trotter.
1971 - Björn Kjellström co-founded the United States Orienteering Federation.
1981 - Silva launched their first marine electronic navigation instrument.
1992 - Silva launched the world’s first handheld GPS with an integrated digital compass. 
2009 - Nexus purchased SILVA and continued producing compasses.
2014 - Garmin purchased SILVA from Nexus.
2016 - SILVA purchased the company back to continue their legacy. 
2016 - The first global compass which allowed it to be used anywhere in the world.
2021- Stay tuned for an exciting launch by the end of the year.

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