New ProLine Tethers from Wichard - Your safety without compromise

When it comes to safety, compromise is not an option. Wichard has developed a new generation of tethers to ensure maximum safety, ease of use and lightweight.

The new Proline Tethers from Wichard provides you with maximum safety and peace of mind when at sea. Its innovative Ergo Lock System, which automatically closes and locks the snap hook, will secure you on board. Other features are the V-Nose design makes hooking and unhooking easy with one hand. Made from aluminium and ceramic materials, it the lightest tether on the market and also won’t damage your deck.

The Proline tethers feature retro-reflective webbing, to increase visibility at night, and is manufactured from materials that are less absorbent and dry quickly. The tethers include an overload indicator that meets offshore sailing regulations, and a SmartLoop that allows you to adapt the tether to suit number of hooks.

Proline Tether