Wichard Offshore Knife: Stay Sharp in all conditions

With 100 years of manufacturing premium marine hardware, Wichard has developed the Offshore and Aquaterra Knife a must-have tool providing you with Wichard’s proven strength and reliability for recreational and offshore yachting.  

Manufactured in Thiers, the traditional knife-making region of France, the knives are designed for the extreme sailor offering outstanding cutting performance as well as being easy to use, safe and long-lasting in the marine environment.

The Offshore knives has remarkable cutting power, it’s half serrated blade enables you to easily cut all types of modern ropes including Dyneema and is made of high grade 316 stainless steel to prevent corrosion. Other features are safety locking blade and adjustable wrist strap to avoid losing your knife.

Models of the Wichard knives include shackle opener – marlinspike, plain blade and corkscrew.

wichard offshore knife