EM230 Midi

EM230 Midi

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The EM230MIDI passive radar reflectors is considered a rigid radar reflector due to the robust Polyethylene case and is suitable for direct installation on wheel house roofs, RIB A frames, marker buoys. The four hole base is supplied with a fixing kit comprising of four bolts, four spacers to avoid over tightening and four neoprene washers to absorb the shock of taking waves at speed.

All Echomax passive reflectors are made with the patented stacked symmetrical array. The patented stack design offers the most reflected radar surface area no matter the pitch or roll of the vessel, always offering a right angle corner return to the ship's radar. The arrays are manufactured under tight tolerance controls of +/- 10 degrees for maximum return.

The Echomax outperforms ALL other radar reflectors in real world conditions. Every model and size is certified to perform to spec and outperform the competition

The EM230MIDI meets all standards for ISO, RORC, ORC, ISAF and WCC


  • Height: 450mm
  • Width: 245mm
  • Fixing centres: 408mm
  • Fixing holes: 8mm
  • Weight: 1.9kg