Scout 290N Harness + Hood + Light

Scout 290N Harness + Hood + Light

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The new SECUMAR SCOUT is much more than a new lifejacket. It is the central element in a complete life saving system that offers the possibility of greatly enhanced recovery of a man overboard.

For this, the new SCOUT can incorporates a PLB as an option.

Thanks to the new HOVER-SYSTEM ,the lifejacket lies snug to the body and is comfortable to wear.Made possible by sharing the weight of the lifejacket
equally over the shoulders, back and chest thereby creating better air circulation and less heat build-up. The SCOUT 3D swim bladder has a third dimension in the form of two large triangular air cushions to provide a much stronger turning moment to roll you onto your back and to overcome the air pockets and heavy weight of foul weather clothing or dry suits.
An added benefit of these air cushions on the SCOUT 3D is that they can carry a PLB much higher out of the water, thereby greatly enhancing the signal reliability.

Performance Class (ISO 12402) 275 N
Method of Inflator Automatic inflator 4001S
Buoyancy 290 N
CO₂-Cartridge 60 g CO₂ Dock
Buoyancy chamber type Bright orange buoyancy chamber in 3D-design, dedicated light attachment point
Standard equipment In protective cover, neck micro-fleece, oral valve, whistle, lifejacket storage bag
Colour Blue
Integral harness Yes
Closure Front click buckle
Crutch strap Yes
Spray Hood GORE Arid Lite
Emergency light Yes
Inspection window Yes
Lifting becket Yes
Size / Body weight over 50 kg
Type of clothing Heavy weather clothing, Dry suits
Buoyancy chamber 3D
Approval CE
Type of buoyancy Inflatable
3M® reflective strips Yes
Back section Padded back strap
Protective cover Cordura
Buddy Line Yes
Product Automatiksperre Optional