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Freedom of movement is the alpha and omega for canoeists, rowers and paddlers, because in order to create movement, their upper body is constantly in motion.

The requirement for an adequate lifejacket has been perfectly met by SECUMAR with its new SECUFIT lifejacket that is simply pulled over the head and is cut short to sit directly on the chest so it cannot interfere with any body movements. This also makes it the right choice for anglers with plenty of room for casting and also won’t get in the way when playing and landing a fish.

Motor boaters will also be impressed by its high wearer comfort.

The outer cover has an ergonomic preformed shape so it barely touches the neck. Overall, it’s so well padded with softshell material that it can be worn very comfortably and the back strap can be easily adjusted to the individual body size. The outer cover zip has a predetermined breaking point, so it bursts extremely quickly once the firing mechanism comes in contact with water.

The SECUFIT belongs to 150N buoyancy class, even though its special Winglet floats buoyancy chamber help it exceed this standard providing increased freeboard and greater stability.

Clever detail: The protective cover of the SECUFIT is equipped with reflective strips for better visibility in low light conditions, offering yet another safety Advantage.

Performance Class (ISO 12402) 150 N
Method of Inflator Automatic inflator 3001S
Buoyancy 160 N
CO₂-Cartridge 32 g
Standard equipment In protective cover, Softshell neck area, oral valve, whistle, manual override, reflective strips, suspension loop, lifejacket storage bag
Colour Blue
Integral harness No
Closure Side click buckle
Crutch strap Yes
Spray Hood No
Emergency light Optional
Integral pocket for ELT No
Inspection window No
Lifting becket Yes
Size / Body weight over 50 kg
Buoyancy bladder Winglet
Approval CE
Type of buoyancy Inflatable
Type of clothing Light clothing
3M® reflective strips Yes
Back section Vertically adjustable back strap
Protective cover Cordura